The aga is hot. Do not move the controls or alter any setting. The left plate is the boiling plate, the right the simmer plate. The top oven is 250 degrees and the bottom 120 degrees.

Children should not be allowed near the aga un-supervised as they can open ovens and burn themselves.


In the kitchen and main lounge are multi fuel stoves. These are controlled with air vents when they are lit with logs and kindling provided. When the stoves are burning well, vents should be closed to preserve fuel and ensure that the stoves to not burn too hot, but for a long steady period. Logs are provided for your stay, but extra logs will be at guests cost and can be purchased from the local farm shop. 

In the snug there is a real fire. Ensure the fire guard is always used as the fire can spit. Place a bed of kindling and logs facing the back of the fire. Logs can fall out if the fire is not built poorly. Do not fuel the fire too much, it can cause chimney fires.


The top of the stairs is protected from the little patter of feet with a stair gate. The stairs are steep.

The fire door is deliberately heavy and a fire regulation. Do not prop it open. Mind children’s fingers when opening and closing. It is fitted with a door mechanism to avoid slamming shut. Adults should be mindful that when coming downstairs with luggage the door will require to be opened on steep stairs or assistance from family members sought.   

Adults should be aware, especially after a glass of holiday wine, that you can get a sore head from the wine and not ducking in the doorway.

Hot tub

Any tub damage will be charged to the guests. Please be respectful. 

Guest room contain robes and hot tub slippers with towels. Please feel free to take the slippers home as a memory of your stay at Escape. 

The hot tub is powered by a wood burning stove. This should be lit with the fuel provided under the wooden staircase. The tub takes about one hour thirty minutes to heat up to 40 degrees. Be careful you do not heat the tub too hot; three or four logs and kindling will be sufficient. Never over fuel the burner. If you do, the water can get so hot it will burn you and especially children. Light the burner leaving the vents open. When heating the tub or not in use leave the cover on the tub to maintain heat. When the tub is at temperature, which you can monitor using the thermometer, close the burner vents. The cover is heavy and requires two adults to remove and should be placed carefully at the side of the tub. The buttons at the side of the tub light the LED lights and operate the jacuzzi bubbles. There are no chemicals, and the water is changed for each guest visit. Do not urinate in the tub, the hot water immediately lets your family know and smells instantly. Never leave children un-attended.

The road, walls, and fields

Malhamdale is an area of outstanding beauty and can be popular with visitors. The road can be busy. Make sure the gates are always closed to protect children. Do not let children climb on the garden walls. The walls are dry stone fitting with the Dales National Park heritage and can fall if climbed. The wall around the BBQ has a high drop and can cause serious injury if climbed or sat on and a guest or child falls. Enjoy your wine sat on the garden furniture. No people or dogs are allowed in the fields surrounding the house which often contain livestock.


The BBQ is set with fire bricks and can be made smaller or larger to fit the size of your party. BBQ fuel and tools are provided. Never leave children unsupervised near the open BBQ which is a fire risk.


Two dogs are welcome, and all dog litter should be collected and not left in the garden. Poo bags and a shovel are provided. Dogs are not allowed on the furniture or in the bedrooms. As with children, please watch your dog near the road. Dog beds are provided in the porch and drying room with treats, snacks and Manor House blankets and towels. Dog shower facilities are outside the porch and drying room by the boot cleaner.

Bike Shed, wellie rack and drying wet clothes 

At the end of the drive is a bike shed for 8 bikes with pumps, and space for rucksacks and helmets. The shed is secure with a lock where the key is accessed through the key code box in the porch. The code is provided when you book. 

Wellie and walking boots can be stored outside in the wellie and boot rack provided. Seating and boot cleaning hose and brush are at the front porch for tired legs to remove boots, wash down ready for a new day’s adventure.